14 May 2010

Day 1: (Durness to) Cape Wrath to Durness

Finally got to Cape Wrath today, to start the trip proper. Getting there involves a tiny, infrequent ferry boat from Durness across to the virtually uninhabited Cape Wrath peninsula.

On the peninsula itself, it's a desolate 11-mile track to the lighthouse, the notional most north-westerly point on the British mainland.

Yes, I know the image is displaying sideways. It's a bug in Blogger: the image is the right way up on my laptop. To enjoy the image at its best, rotate your computer screen 90 degrees.

Everyone else on the boat was going by minibus, so I had the road to myself both ways. It was all a bit fab.

Miles today: 26
Miles since Cape Wrath: 13


  1. Mark Wedgwood15 May, 2010 11:43

    Cape Wrath looks fab and I'm now quite jealous. Ferries so far: 2. Ferries since Cape Wrath: 1.

  2. Rob, I'm a little bit concerned by that last picture - you seem to have forgotten your luggage...