25 May 2010

Day 12: Annan to Dent

A very early start indeed today, up and off by 5am. Perhaps it was my subconscious ensuring I got out of Scotland and into England as soon as possible. Well, that Scottish beer was a bit rubbish.

Met up with my friends Simon and Sue at Carlisle, who are joining me for a couple of days. We cycled south through the northern Lakes and dropped in on Mark’s aunt Alison. She is hand-rearing two lambs in the garden of her cottage. One is for breeding, the other for, erm, well, you know. If small children ask about the lamb’s destiny, make up vague stories about going off to a farm in Derbyshire or something.

This is on display on a garage on the A6 near Shap. Who says cars are not ecologically sustainable?

It was a long day for me, with quite a few miles of cool cloudy breeze and nondescript scenery – and many of thrilling scenery, such as our last long trail hugging a hillside into Sedbergh, and finally a valley-floor trundle to the campsite at Dent.

In the excellent Sun pub in Dent, we got chatting to a local farmer. It was the sort of conversation that makes you realise you're not in London:

-Where did you cycle from today?
-From Annan.
-Annan? I used to buy cattle from there.

Miles today: 79
Miles since Cape Wrath: 601

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