15 May 2010

Day 2: Durness to Achmelvich

I was up and off just after 5am this morning, partly because I was mindful of the weather forecast (strengthening headwinds throughout the day, increasing to 30mph by lunchtime) and partly because the tent was soaked following the rainstorm that woke me at 3am.

But I was rewarded by this sight of a Durness shepherd and two collies taking some sheep out on to the beach. I didn't know sheep enjoyed a day at the seaside. So that's what they do on their day off.

The rest of the day was one progressively tougher battle with those headwinds. But I made it to Achmelvich youth hostel, a delightful beachside place in a very remote west coast village. It was full of just the right sort of people, and there were two guitars, and we had an impromptu concert. I also did some washing, and hung the clothes out to dry on the line in the hostel garden. It didn't take long to retrieve them from the neighbouring farms.

Miles today: 57
Miles since Cape Wrath: 70

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