13 May 2010

Day 0: Inverness to Durness

I woke up to this scene from the sleeper train window this morning. Fresh snow on the mountains. Oh.

The nearest you can get to Cape Wrath by train is Lairg, 60 miles away. I cycled from there along Loch Shin to Laxford Bridge, then up to Durness (nearest town to Cape Wrath), where I'm camping tonight. There was lots of this sort of thing en route.

It's very windy.

Miles today: 59
Miles so far: 59


  1. Ooooh snowy mountains :o) Wish I was there! There was frost down south last night, so hope you have a warm sleeping bag with you. Happy cycling!
    P.S. like your map!

  2. Mark Wedgwood14 May, 2010 08:56

    Hello Rob! I hope the very windy conditions are in your favour, which presumably requires a 180 degree switch in direction sometime today at Cape Wrath. Enjoy the grapes when you get there.

  3. Part of me thinks your brilliant and I'm jealous not to be joining you, however, the rest of me says you're bloody mad and nothing good will ever come of it! I like the map too and look forward to following your trail. Hopefully the volcano will send a warm front your way. May the circle be unbroken...

  4. Lucy Ainsley18 May, 2010 20:32

    Hi Uncle Rob, Luce and Dad here.

    Just wanted to say hi and to wish you safe travels! Your trip sounds amazing so far and loving the pics!

    Keep them coming Rob!

    Love the Ainsley gang xxx