11 May 2010

Day -2: Hello world

Hi everyone. This is the secret blog of my cycle trip from Cape Wrath to Dover, from 13 May to 1-ish June.

I'm not publicising this blog - it's purely for my friends and relatives (several of whom will be joining me at various stages) to follow my progress. It's not linked to from my Real Cycling blog, for instance (which I'll keep up with a series of posts on Quirky London).

I leave on the sleeper tomorrow night, 9.15pm Wednesday, from Euston to Inverness. So there's still plenty of last minutes to leave my packing until.

Never put off procrastinating till tomorrow when you can procrastinate today.


  1. I'm looking forward to this blog! Good luck with your travels and enjoy! And don't forget that I am expecting full whisky tasting notes...

  2. Hi Rob
    Good luck! You will be pleased to know that it is NOT freezing cold and windy here in Oz. However it was 19C degrees today so definitely time for thermals!!!
    I will have a Barossa wine for each Whisky you inhale....take care. love from Becs sister.

  3. kathy mitchell13 May, 2010 08:42

    What an adventure, have fun! Will be keenly watching your progress. Sun is shining this morning and i hear its due to get warmer so keep those shorts handy. Take care Kath xx

  4. Pete, Vicky, Joe and Brendan14 May, 2010 08:43

    Hi Rob, Joe and Brendan aren't interested in mountains, lochs, whisky or bikes, but they would like more train pictures please! Joe says 'I have made a car', Brendan says 'can I go on a train?' so there. Vicky says 'bon courage, I'll come with you next time.' Yeah right.

    Good luck from us all